My 2019 Summer Bucket List

simply sheena marie feet in pool.jpeg

Summer is officially here and there’s so much that I want to do! For me, summer is all about enjoying time outdoors, catching up on my reading, traveling with friends, beach days, cookouts and …. the more daylight !

Every summer I feel like there are so many things I want to do, but I can never quite get around to doing it all. So this summer, I decided to create a summer bucket list of all of the things I want to do, see, and accomplish and actually hold myself to it !


2019 Summer Bucket List 

  • Dig into the books on my summer reading list.

  • Find a new summer nail color. (currently looking to get away from my signature nude)

  • Kick back, take in the view, and enjoy a summer cocktail on some of LA’s best rooftops

  • Perfect a new summer cocktail recipe.

  • Learn a new skill via skill share.

  • Travel out of the country with friends — I’ve got my eyes set on Tulum ! 

  • Spend more time outdoors

  • Take my bike for a ride at the beach.

  • Take a road trip 

  • Have a picnic at the beach or the park (or both!)

  • Go on a girls camping trip

  • Cook an entire meal on the grill

  • Watch a movie outdoors

  • Discover a new Farmer’s Market, in a different part of town

  • Visit California’s wine country and go on a winery crawl

  • Sleep in til 10 am on Saturdays (thats sleeping in for me lol)

  • Relax by the pool ( anywhere I can find one )

Whats on your summer bucket list? Share in the comments.