Before & After : Modern Classic Bathroom Update

Lately I’ve been feeling a little uninspired by the decor in my bathroom and decided it was time for a change. Anyone Who knows me knows that once I get an idea in my head there’s really no turning back. After jumping into full on  research mode a.k.a. endless scrolling on Pinterest and other home decor websites I came up with the plan to incorporate some of my favorite bathroom decor trends into my bathroom update project.

Bathroom Decor Trends

  • Gold and Brass Framed Mirrors

  • Painted Bathroom Vanities

  • Brass Hardware

  • Turkish Hand Towels

  • Round and Rounded Edge Rectangular Mirrors


Source: Amy Bartlam; Design: Kirsten Marie Inc Source: Amy Bartlam; Design: JDP Interiors

What started out as an idea to switch out my bathroom mirror turned into painting the vanity cabinet, switching out the cabinet hardware, and purchasing a new towel holder and bath mat. But of course, it still didn’t stop there. In the process of taking down the old mirror, which I thought would be an easy task, I discovered that once I took the mirror down (not in one piece unfortunately) I discovered that the walls weren’t as white as I thought they were. I’m the person that sees one mark on the wall and then sees 15-20 marks. To calm my OCD, I ended up having the entire bathroom painted in the brightest white that I could find, pure white.

I know you’re probably thinking well what about getting a security deposit back? At this point I’ve done so much in my apartment that the security deposit is long gone lol. 

bathroom cabinet before and after

Back to the bathroom update.. 

I knew I wanted to go with a classic, but modern look, so I decided on whites, Metallics, and different shades of navy and gray. When it came to painting the cabinet, I knew The easiest method would be using chalk paint, as it adheres to any surface and doesn’t require any sanding or priming. Three coats of Behr Classic Noir chalk paint, wax finish, and a switch of the cabinet hardware later, I had a whole new cabinet! 



After :


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Instead of buying wall art, I decided to add a more personal touch by using some photos from that I took while vacationing with my friends in Paris. Paris is by far one of my favorite European cities, so it definitely sparks joy when I see these photos hanging on my bathroom wall!


I’m so happy with how my bathroom update turned out, that it may just be my new favorite room in my apartment lol !

Remember, just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own!

Happy Decorating !