5 Lighting Solutions to Brighten Up Your Home

Now that the sun is bidding us farewell, an hour earlier, it's the perfect time to improve or change-up the lighting in your space. If you're a renter like me, you're probably familiar with walking into a space that's either ill lit by one center ceiling light or no pre-installed lighting at all. But on the bright side ( pun intended) whether you're renting or a homeowner, there are plenty of options from hard-wired to plugins, to bring some light into your space. Here are 5 of my favorite lighting options to get you out of the dark and into the light !



 The Pendant

Pendant lamps are not only a great source for overhead lighting, they also serve as a focal point for your space.


The Wall Sconce

Wall sconces are very versatile and can be used for reading, ambient lighting, as design accents, and lighting walls from floor to ceiling. Sconces are a great choice for any room—from the entryway to the bathroom to the living room.

wall sconce on living room wall


The Table Lamp

Table lamps are used for task and accent lighting and can also double as art!



The Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are best used in small spaces where there’s no room for a table and lamp. Floor lamps work great next to the bed, in a reading nook behind or next to a comfy chair, and in the living room next to the couch or against the wall.

floor lamp in living room

The Chandelier

Although chandeliers are great for filling a room with light, the real draw is the look! This ceiling mounted, decorative lighting fixture can usually  be found as the focal point above the dining table or in an entry way, but recently people have used them to add a little extra sparkle to their closets, kitchens, and bathrooms. ** Side note : I strongly suggest not following Sia's advice and attempting to swing from the chandelier**

chandelier in closet