My Must-Have Carry-on Items for Long Haul Flights

ssm carryon essentials


There’s nothing like being on a plane for 10+ hours to really make you think long and hard about what to pack pack in your carry-on.  Leaving out even one of these items can make or break my flight experience. In packing for this week’s work trip to Berlin, I strategically mapped out every possible scenario to ensure my survival of through a 10 hr flight.  Trust me, there’s nothing worse than getting settled in after take off and going into your bag to get something only to realize that you forgot it at home. This is where a checklist comes in. From comfy clothes to snacks, in flight reading material to my skincare routine, it’s all on the list.  So now that I’ll be making my 4th long haul trip, within the past year, I figured I’d let you in on my carryon must haves for long haul flights ! 


So here it goes :



These are must-have, no brainer items that I couldn't possibly leave home, without. 

Carryon Tote

Roller board



The Outfit 

Look I know people like to look cute when they travel, but if I’m going to be on a plane for 10 hours I need to be comfortable. (Sidenote you can always change on the plane, seeing as you’ll have plenty of time on the flight ) I like to get up and stretch after 4-5 hours in, which is where the socks come in. Once my shoes are off they’re not going back on until I here  “ prepare the cabin for arrival “ 


 Comfy socks

 A comfy cotton tee and/or sweatshirt.


In-Flight Wellness  

Other than the fact that I’m a borderline germiphobe, just think of the airplane as an incubator for airborne illness. I’m literally one flight away from incorporating a face mask into the mix. 

Hand sanitizer




In-Flight Entertainment

I mean there’s only so many movies you  can watch and most of the time there are only a few movies that catch my interest, so I try to space them out by reading a book or magazine in between, or writing down ideas, when the creative juices start to flow. ( Some of my best ideas have been a result of long flights ) 






In-Flight skin care

The key is to keep your face /skin clean and hydrated. No deep explanation, It’s really just that simple.

Facial Cleansing  Wipes

 Face moisturizer

Rose water facial spray



IN-Flight Snacks 

Look I know they give you like three meals, snacks, and unlimited beverages during your flight,  but trust me, there’s always the possibility of not wanting something even though it’s free. I still have flashbacks of the cold sausages and potato salad that they served on my first flight to Berlin, needless to say, that airline is no longer in business. Also, I love packing a snack that reminds me of home that I can’t get anywhere else. My guilty pleasure is the Coney Island chocolate bar from local LA chocolatier, Compartes


SLeep essentials 

From it being too cold, to not having enough room to extend your legs, to the person sitting next to you keeping the reading light on, all flight long, there are so many factors that can prevent you from not getting enough sleep on long haul flights. Heres what keeps me dreaming all flight long.

Sleep Mask

Lavender Pillow Spray

Neck Pillow 




As someone who’s phone dies at least 2 times a day, I take no chances when it comes to traveling internationally. Hell, My small roller board even has a charging port. 

Phone charger

Portable charger

Head phone charger




After 10+ hours of being inflight, the first thing theres nothing better than a nice long shower, but before I get to the hotel, I have my own little in-flight refresh routine that consists of the following:


Dry Shampoo




Travel toothbrush/toothpaste


ssm carryon essentials


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