How to Turn Wire Baskets into Bathroom Storage Shelves

After weeks of obsessing over these copper handled wire baskets, from Target, I finally decided that I had to have them in my life. As always, my Pinterest board of a brain, wouldn't allow me to use them for their intended purpose, so I decided to turn them into storage shelves for my bathroom.


With minimal effort and materials, I mounted the baskets to the wall, creating much-needed storage and a cute way to display my towels and toilet paper. If you'd like to do this yourself here's what you'll need.



  1. Mark the spot on the wall, where you'd like to hang your basket (shelf)

  2. Depending on the weight of the basket, choose the hanging material that will work best for your wall.

  3. Hang the wire basket on your chosen hook and straighten. You may want to use more than one hook depending on the size of the basket.