6 Ways to Make Your Hotel Feel Like Home


As I pack for another week-long work trip, the reality of being away from home, for a week, quickly sets in. Sometimes staying in a hotel for an extended period can get a little stale and make you miss home. After being a remote employee for the past 2.5 years and traveling back and forth from LA to the East Coast (oh yeah did I mention that I'm a data analyst, by day?), I've stayed in so many hotels that I've now got this thing down to a science. So what kind of person would I be if I didn't let you in on some of my secrets? Here are 6 ways to make your hotel feel like home.  

1. Bring along, a little piece of home.

Everyone has that one thing that makes them think of home, whether its a pillow, a throw blanket, or even the scent. I like to travel with my favorite Henri Bendel candle, Vanilla Bean.

2. Unpack.

You'd be surprised how time you'd save by hanging up your clothes as opposed to pulling everything out of your bag to figure out what you're going to wear each day.

3. Skip the mini bar, bring your own snacks!

Not only will you save money, by not purchasing that $6 mini can of Pringles, but you'll actually be eating your favorite snacks versus settling for some overpriced snack that wouldn't normally be your first choice.

And if you're lucky enough to have an en suite kitchen, take a break from eating out, one night, and cook your own dinner.

The Element by Westin
The Element by Westin
taco bowl made in hotel room kitchen
taco bowl made in hotel room kitchen

4. Hit the gym.

Don't let being away from home be a reason to skip a workout.. besides the hotel gym is just an elevator ride away!

gym clothes to workout in hotel gym
gym clothes to workout in hotel gym

Sports Bra // Fitbit // Leggings // Sneakers

5. Catch up on some reading.

With all that goes on at home, it can be hard to find time to read your favorite magazine, or even the news. Sometimes it takes the silence of being in hotel room alone to really take it all in.

6. Take a mini version of your bathroom counter with you.

Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you can't enjoy all of your favorite toiletries and products. If they don't sell a travel size version, just fill up some 3 oz clear bottles and you're all set!