10 Must Have Cookbooks written by Black Women


To say I do my fair share of experimenting, in the kitchen, is an understatement. You know.. just throwing things together, making it up, as I go... But don’t be fooled, I’m quick to pick up a cookbook or look up a recipe when the creative juices just aren’t quite flowing. I'm actually starting to build up quite the collection, thanks to my friends who are always gifting me cookbooks for birthdays, Christmas, and sometimes for no reason at all, other than to support my love of cooking.

Some people buy cookbooks just to read, with no intention of trying the recipes. I hail their discipline, because it is impossible to put on weight just reading about food, even if the accompanying photographs cause the salivary glands to dance wildly in the mouth.And there are those who want to lose weight, so they choose to read books about dieting, swearing a fierce loyalty to the books' recipes and suggestions. There are those who say they would cook if they had the time, or the skills, but since they don't, they delight in reading what serious cooks are able to create. Only a few readers buy cookbooks to really cook the recipes. If this book finds its way into the hands of bold, adventurous people, courageous enough to actually get into the kitchen and rattle the pots and pans, I will be very happy.

- Maya Angelou ( Intro from " Great Cooking All Day Long" )

So to kick off Black History Month, I thought I’d highlight and show some love to the women whose cookbooks have saved me from hours of indecision and keep me inspired to continue cooking and creating, in the kitchen.  From soul food, farm to table, international to desserts, these books have got you covered.

Here are 10 Must have cookbooks written by black women, new and old, to add to your collection.





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