5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Gift Wrapping Skills


"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"... No, but really this is actually my favorite time of the year. I love getting caught up in all the little joys that Christmas brings, from spending time with friends and family, to picking out a Christmas tree, to the light display and fake snow, in 80-degree LA winter weather, at the Grove.And yes, although Christmas isn't all about giving and receiving gifts, there's something about giving the people I love, beautifully wrapped gifts, that really brings me joy! Now, of course, everyone isn't like me, when it comes to gift wrapping, but there are simple ways to upgrade your gift wrap skills to make it look like you put in a little more effort than just the standard paper and tape. Impress your friends and family, this year by following these 5 steps, to upgrade your gift wrapping skills!

1.  Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme allows you to create a signature look that will be sure to set your gifts apart from the rest. If you find yourself in need of inspiration, just look around! And you want to know the best part about sticking with a signature look? The money you save by using the same paper and materials for each gift!

2017 Christmas Gift Wrapping Theme

2. Stay Sharp

A sharp pair of scissors is key when it comes to cutting clean and precise lines. Trust me, even though you think you're hiding the jagged edges, in the fold, they'll be exposed as soon as your gift is unwrapped. Luckily, nowadays most gift wrap comes a grid on the back to help you cut in a straight line.


3. Make it Seamless

When it comes to upgrading your gift wrapping skills double-sided tape will become your new best friend! Don't ruin your perfectly wrapped gift by having visible tape lines all over, try the new Scotch double-sided tape roller.

double sided tape for gift wrapping
double sided tape for gift wrapping

4. Accessorize

It's all about the details! Even the smallest touches, from a shiny bell to a sprig of pine, make all the difference when you want your gifts to stand out.

LA lifestyle blogger shows to accessorize your gift wrap
LA lifestyle blogger shows to accessorize your gift wrap

You can never have too many accessories unless you're the husband from the holiday classic (in my opinion) "Love Actually", who in my favorite scene, regrettably asks to have his purchase, gift wrapped. (LOL)

5. Perfect the Bow

And now the bow.. the showstopper, the cherry on top, the one thing that brings it all together... If you really want to send it over the top and make it look extra luxurious, I suggest that using a nice thick satin ribbon.

La lifestyle blogger shows the perfect bow to finish a beautifully wrapped gift
La lifestyle blogger shows the perfect bow to finish a beautifully wrapped gift

Perfecting your bow tying skills will take a little patience, but you'll definitely feel a little sense of accomplishment once you see your little masterpiece is complete!

And there you have it... 5 simple ways to upgrade your gift wrapping skills! Now all you have to do is start!

Happy Holidays!

- Sheena Marie

perfectly wrapped gifts
perfectly wrapped gifts